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Welcome to Culture Bites.

If like us you believe that the best way to discover a new destination is through it’s stomach, then you are in the right place.

In the past decade food tours have become all the rage, and rightly so. What better way is there to meet local people, learn local things and make local friends than by sitting down and breaking bread where the locals do? But like a “Bahn Mi” in Hoi An or a “Fish Amok” in Siem Reap,  not all food tours are created equally.

Over the past years our team of hardened food explorers have searched high and low across Asia to uncover the best local food tours there are. We have eaten and drank in places we’ll never forget and we want to share these experiences with you. From the back of mopeds on the manic streets of Saigon to salary man bars under the rail tracks of Ebisu in Tokyo, we have found the most unique, fun, informative and hunger quenching experiences there are.

All our tours are locally run so you have the most up-to-date knowledge that only a local can provide. We have tried and tested every tour and we keep in close contact with our teams across Asia to keep everything in tip-top condition and running smoothly. Every tour supports local businesses so you know that no matter where you are, you are helping the local economy and mixing with the local people.

We understand that most of us only have a few days holiday a year and wasting one of those days or nights on a second rate experience is not an option. So come and join us and other like minded souls and stomachs as we discover Asia, one bite at a time.



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